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2005 Band Gallery


They did it! 2006 Capo Valley Black and Gold Brigade won SCSBOA 1A Division title.
In fact, they swept all three titles (Band - 83.35, Auxiliary - 83.8, Percussion - 86.4)
There was 5-point spread to the2nd place Los Angles HS.
The final performance was perfect, and as soon as they were finished, IMST parents had no doubt theyfve won (On the day UCLA defeated USC, it was doubly perfect!)

After the performance, the kids were exhausted, and looked rather sad, as this was the last performance. There will be no more. They wanted more.
But by the time they were called into the field to get their medals, they recovered and the time for unrestrained joy began. It was a memorable moment for the band, and for all those involved.

For all band members, and especially for those graduating seniors, I hope they will embrace this phoenomenal success and continue to work toward greater success, wherever their paths lead to.

Congratulations, Black and Gold! Congratulations and thank you, Meistro Andy Waldukat and the coaching staff!