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2005 Band Gallery

Nov18-Temecula Valley

November 18 -- a hot, sunny day in Temecula Valley -- held a Golden Valley Classic Tournament. The place is far away no matter how you try to get there; My tribute to the band members and the parents who showed up. It was brutally sunny and there was no shade in the stadium.

Since I could not make it to Bellflower tournament (youfve noticed that picture gallery is missing!), this is the first time I had a look at the Act 3 -- the closing sequence. It was fantastic!


In the end, The Black and Gold Brigade swept all 1A Gold class titles (Auxiliary - 81.5, Percussion - 79.8 and Band - 75.3; sorry if I miscopied the score!) and the scores were not surpassed until the top bands in 2A Gold class was graded. IMHO though, B&W was better, anyway.  Unfortunately, Los Alamitos HS took all sweepstakes.

Well, that saved us from coming back for 9PM exhibition performance...