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No.2 Rafa Nadal won the dessert classic this year, after many top seeds, including No. 1 Roger Federer, lost in early rounds. This is Rafa’s first major title since last July, so he is off to a good start in 2007.
Despite losing seeded players in early rounds, the event remained exciting, with the exciting new comers like Novak Djokovic and Andrew Murray, who are two of the young players to watch this year. The American Sam Quarrey is getting up there, but he still has ways to go.
The dark horse is the lucky loser Chillean Guillermo Canas, who came back from 15 month suspension to upset Roger Federer in the first round.

Andy Rodick, with the help from his coach Jimmy Connors, looks really good. But Nadal completely shut him down in semi-final. On the hard court. So Andy has a lot more work ahead of him.

Women’s field went through similar assault, as many top players, including Mary Sharapova, lost in the early rounds. It ended up with the battle of “ova-s” and Huntuchova deveated Kuznetsova to win the title.

Though many top players failed to go through the first few rounds, I get to see many of them since I was there during the first weekend. Not only the live matches, it is fun to watch them practice, as they are captured in photo gallery.

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